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Since Shahriar Sazeh Construction Holding Company has acted on the basis of its excellent goals and gradually established it, so this company has always tried to eliminate all the worries and concerns of customers about buying from them and turn the challenges into motivation in this regard. Due to the company’s policies, including “Investment Importance”, “Consultant and Purchasing”, “Creating the sense of reliability”, “Customer Satisfaction”, this company now thinks to eliminate all intermediation in accordance with market needs and society economic conditions in field of real estate and is always trying. It is an honor for this company to provide its buildings to its customers without intermediaries and directly with the best conditions. Company-Consultant Department is ready to consulting its customers on purchasing and investing every day (in 24-hours) by helping the experienced consultants. Moreover, Shahriar Sazeh Holding Company owes its multi-year credit promotion to the presence of experienced managers in purchasing, construction and sales, effective results in the real estate market. Overtaking this department over similar competitors is one of the effects of this process. Shahriar Sazeh Construction Builders Company by management and investment of Hossein Shahriarpoor has been operating since 2007 in two sections: construction of villas, apartments and land sales in Noor tourist region entitled “Iran Coastal Capital”. So far, after 13 years, this company has been able to register over 1,000 construction cases and 5,000 contracts, and is known as the most popular investment and real estate brand in the region. Sales department of this company entitled “Shahriarpoor Real Estate” actives in three different branches in north of the country and an official branch in Tehran at addresses of “Tehran-Kaveh Blvd”, “Noor-Tamishan”, “Nowshahr-Vazivar”, “Elimalat-Seyyed Kola Road”.


This company aims to create a sense of reliability and satisfaction in customers, investing with the right and principled consultant due to the past experiences and latest global methods, analyzing past and future results of investing in real estate for customers using experienced consultants, science-based construction by help of tasteful and experienced engineers and experts according to the manner of customers.


One of the prospects of this company can be considered to become the most customer-oriented construction holding company in Iran. Other prospects of this company include attracting investors and international customers permanently to increase the construction, sales and creating relaxing spaces in Iran and the world.



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